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Kingdom Hearts Universe - OOC
Kingdom Hearts Universe - FAQ 
7th-Feb-2009 03:58 pm

 What kind of roleplay is this?
Kingdom Hearts Universe is a roleplay that takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, however, all characters are alive and up for grabs.  While we do follow a serious plot, we encourage a bit of comedy on the side.

How exactly does this roleplay work?
The main community in the world of Kingdom Hearts Universe, is an online message board in which characters scattered across the universe can keep in touch.  Any character may post here from any world, and any character from any world may reply. 

Why is there an Organization XIII community?
The Organization XIII community was created so that Organization members could communicate without characters on the main community seeing.  This way the Organization members can come up with schemes and plots without any of the heroes knowing.  Everybody in the roleplay is allowed to join and view all entries posted here however.

How are characters able to travel to other worlds?
Strange black portals have started to appear in every world, allowing characters to roam freely around the universe.  The reason for these strange portals will be explained in the future.

Where do I post my journal entries?
All journal entries will be written in the main community, logs will be posted in the log community.  Organization members get their own special community for entries.

How do I post a log?
All logs will follow this format:

The actual content must be placed behind a cut.

We have inventories?
Yes, this is something that makes our roleplay unique.  Every character is given an inventory, and depending on which character you play, you'll usually start out with a couple of items.  Once your character has been registered, go here to locate your inventory.

Everytime a character in the roleplay is given an item, their inventory will be updated by a mod.  There are different ways to obtain items, and once you have an item, you will be able to use it until the item is lost.  Every item will have a picture, title, and description.

How do card collections work?
During the roleplay, there will be chances to obtain cards.  Sometimes cards are dropped by enemies, or sometimes NPCs will be selling them.  There are 186 to collect. Your card collection can be viewed under your inventory, but the box holding all of the cards will only open after you obtain your first card/cards.

How do I know when we're having a special event?
During the course of the roleplay, there are going to be certain special events that take place.  All events and details on those events will be posted on the main community by Jiminy Cricket ([info]royalconscience ).  Jiminy will also do monthly recaps of what has been going on lately in the community.

Hey, is that an enemy in the log community?
Yes, the mods will use Heartless or Nobody accounts to pose as enemies that appear on the log community.  Sometimes these encounters will be plot-driven, or just totally random.  Sometimes defeating an enemy will result in the drop of items.

Will there be tournaments?
There will be Struggle tournaments and coliseum tournaments during the course of the roleplay, more information about this will be added later on.

What about NPCs? 

Every weekend, a Moogle ([info]npc_moogle) will drop by in the main community with items for sale.  It is up to the players to bargain with it to obtain the items they desire.  There are various ways to bargain with the Moogle, sometimes it will give you hints as to what it wants, and if you guess correctly, he will go through with the deal, that's one way, there will be others that will be made clear when the time comes.  The items can then be used as plot devices in the story.  The shop will be closed on the following Monday.

The Peddler:

Now and then, the Peddler ([info]npc_peddler) will drop by with one rare item for sale.  The Peddler will request an item in return, however, in order to obtain it, your character must defeat a Heartless.  Three Heartless logs will open in the log community, and only one character may enter each log.  Only one of the three Heartless will drop the correct item that the Peddler desires, so it's a game of guessing.  You must finish the log with the Heartless in order to receive the item.

Cheshire Cat:

The Cheshire Cat ([info]npc_cheshire) will sometimes post in the main community with a riddle.  The first character to answer the riddle correctly will receive a prize.


Sometimes a Gambler Nobody ([info]npc_gambler) will appear on the log community.  Characters will then play a game of 21 to try and win items.  The mod behind the character will literally use playing cards to help each character progress through each game.  If you don't know how to play 21, don't fear, the rules will be posted when the Gambler arrives.

There will be more NPCs available in the future.

Note: In this roleplay, all computers have a built-on machine that allow players to transfer items to eachother.

How do I contact the people in charge?
We would prefer that you IM us or send us an e-mail, but if you're unable to do so, you can post a thread in the OOC community and we'll answer you as soon as possible.  For more information on the staff, direct yourself here.

How many characters can I play?
Currently you can play up to two characters, plus one Disney character.  Usually people only go for the more original characters, so we encourage you to use a Disney character if you think you're able to do so.  If you already play the limit and still want to pick up another character, please ask[info]mind_conspiracy for permission through one of his contacting methods.  The mods are allowed to use up to three characters plus one Disney character.

I want to play Aqua!  What do I do?
Any characters from unreleased games aren't available for pick-up until the actual game is released.  You can however place a reservation to save that character for later.  If the time comes and you decide that you no longer want to play the character you reserve, we'll simply let someone else use the character instead.

Where do I ask questions?
If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

14th-Mar-2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
I submitted an application for Namine as witchof_memory, and I checked today to find that my application had been deleted. Is there anyway I can get an explanation as to why, or a list of what I may have done wrong?
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