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Kingdom Hearts Universe - OOC
Kingdom Hearts Universe - Applications 
12th-Apr-2008 01:35 am
Before you apply for a character, make sure that you check the taken characters list and reserved characters list first. Once you apply, you must wait for a moderator to accept you. After you're accepted, go to the taken characters list to post your character's information for reference.

Note: We would prefer that you have experience with roleplaying if you're going to fill out an application, and we would like you to be sure on how roleplaying on LJ works.  Make sure you read the rules and FAQ before you submit anything.

Fill in the following information to apply:

10th-Feb-2009 01:33 am (UTC) - Application Example

LiveJournal: livi_chan
Instant Messenger(s): MSN (oathkeeper2u@hotmail.com)
Email: oathkeeper2u@hotmail.com


Name: Roxas
Age: 15
Species: Nobody
Powers/abilities: Keyblade/Light
Personality: Roxas is a fairly easygoing guy, who cares deeply about his friends and refuses to believe he's just a shell. He's very brave despite his sadness, and is determined to find out who he really is.


First Person:
It's hard to believe that I can look back without knowing what really happened. I may have gotten some memories back, but hardly enough to know who I really am. I refuse to believe that I'm just a shell that doesn't feel. After being friends with Axel, and meeting Naminé... I know now that some of us Nobodies can still feel... We can still remember what it was like. It's really not even fair. Just because Sora did something stupid, he gets to go on living his life while I'm thrown into the organization. And Naminé... Forced into creating fake memories and other tasks by the organization and DiZ. But there is one thing all nobodies have in common, besides having no hearts.
We just want to live.

Third Person:
Roxas sauntered through Twilight Town, his mind racing with jumbles of thoughts and questions. This was where he usually went to ponder things. It was such a peaceful place.. Funny to think that he had spent two separate lives here. Before he knew it, he was on top of the clock tower, looking over the horizon of the orange and red sky. He sat down, holding his ice cream. The main question on his mind.. "Why?"
Why did he exist? He just wanted to enjoy life, just like Hayner, Pence, and Olette. Just like any other normal person. But he wasn't normal, as much as he'd like to be. He was stuck, just like the constant sunset in the sky, like a broken clock stopped at a certain time.
"Will I ever be able to truly exist?"
13th-Feb-2009 05:30 pm (UTC) - Application
I see there's another person out for this character. Seeing how it's not reserved though...


LiveJournal: lightning_kiss
Instant Messenger(s): mars_star_light@hotmail.com
Email: duckey.robbinson@gmail.com


Name: Larxene
Age: 19-21
Species: Nobody
Powers/abilities: Control over Lightning. Weapon of trade - Kunai. Agility and speed work in her favor.
Personality: Cold, cruel and uncaring. That doesn't stop her from having an undeniable naivety which lets her trust people that so much as appear to share her passions and motives. That only means the penalty for betrayal will be that high to accomodate the felony though.
She is almost always seen with a sweet yet mocking smile, unless she's showing off a raging frown as befitting her title of the Savage Nymph. She finds pleasure in the hurt of others, and will never mind being the one inflicting it. In fact, she'd prefer it that way.
Never trust her sweet, childish giggle; she's hardly as sweet and harmless as she may appear to be.


First Person:
People take life too seriously. Caring about other people, thinking about their wants and needs... emotional fools. Useful servants and tools, however, always there for my entertainment.
Mark my words - there is nothing more beautiful than watching blood drip.
It can get better though. The yelps and shrieks of a building panic; the cusses and bitter hisses filtered my way in fright. Oh so I gave someone a jolt. He should thank me - his hair never looked better.
It's not my fault. I refuse to accept it as such. I came in there, looking for a good night, and he had to be the one to approach me from all the guys in the room!
Humph. He'd have had more of a chance with his hand on my ass than that crud pickup line. Oh well. He at least gave me a laugh. Seriously though...
Men with Hearts are so boring, wouldn't you say?

Third Person:
A second chance. Or would this be her third? Ha, what a laugh, the blonde woman concluded as she strode through the crowd, her glare clearing the way in front of her. It made her snarl as the people ahead ducked out of her way. Women, children... grown men. All cowering away from her.
Perhaps walking around with a drawn weapon made her appear dangerous, hm?
Oh, if only the pitiful fools were capable of reaching that conclusion, she thought and bit her lip in order to hold back a laugh. Pathetic, unworthy, mindless, foul-smelling-
A man bumped into her. He stumbled across, half muttered an apology, and was about to head on his sweet way. She gritted her teeth, her pug nose scrunched, and yet it wasn't before long that she could hold it in no longer. Her shoulders rocked; her mouth was tore open wide; her voice rang out, rolling like the thunder that accomodated her element. She laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and harder, louder yet when she reached to grab the man by the collar, sending the people around them scattering away in fright and distress.
A one woman's riot sounded just like the thing; she was bored anyway.
13th-Feb-2009 05:32 pm (UTC) - Re: Application
Lovely application. Accepted.

Make your way to the taken characters list and comment.
18th-Feb-2009 02:02 am (UTC) - Application for Xigbar


LiveJournal: lostscore

Instant Messenger(s): Xemnash

Email: zettainfinity -at- gmail - dot- com


Name: Xigbar

Age: 34

Species: Nobody (shed heart voluntarily initially.)

Powers/abilities: Marksman/sniper/control over gravity and space. It should be notable that if this power is used on another human being, it is the equivalent of "Stop hitting yourself." While Xigbar himself could stay out of view of his victim, he could not mentally convince them that they were performing a voluntary act - it would be clear that someone was actively manipulating them.

Personality: Xigbar has the personality of your average second year grad student. He realizes party time has ended, but he's still got a year and a half or so before being DBD (Done but Dissertation), and he intends to make the most of it . It was a mentality he carried over into Nobodyism, as that was the stage of his education he was at prior to losing his heart. What it amounts to is that he is well-adjusted in his own mind but he flunks it a little on paper. He's very willing to listen to the issues of others and is superfically helpful. He outwardly appears to have no mental weaknesses and comes across as intelligent but quite ill predisposed towards responsibilities. This said, he very much wants to talk to someone about his hidden issues but he's also not sure anyone would understand things like killing a keyblader in self-defence (Keep in mind he's much older than Sora and has come across keybladers before him.)


First Person:

So we're back. I think I might look the worse for wear. A new scar is kind of a pathetic price to pay so I'm not necessarily complaining. What I really need to know - and I'll write it here for myself so I don't get distracted - is how that Sora kid beat us all. Especially me. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I've seen keybladers. A whole clusterfuck of them, and that kid looked like a dud to me. I always imagined the Keyblade was a contstruct of light and my own successes defeating the rabble would support that light can be defeated by darkness...but Roxas doesn't fit with that theory. Nor does Sora. If I've been given a second chance then the goal is now to learn what side I represent...and perhaps to make ammends for those keybladers who were merely doing their job. I'm sorry guys.

Third Person:

Xigbar sighed, looking down at his papers. Roxas was an anomaly, that was for certain. Everything up until the 13th had suggested that Nobodies were just constructs of the darkness. Yet Roxas had the keyblade, and Roxas could (to put it crudely) kick his ass. Nothing about that added up. As a matter of fact, nothing made sense anymore. Having a second chance though, that meant he was given a second chance to figure it all out. To change himself.

He rubbed his temples, shoving his papers into a haphazard heap at one edge of the table. There was no way he was getting anymore work done tonight. Particularly not if he was sober. Ah Beer. The cause of and the solution to all life's problems. Clearly. Undoubtedly. He was rambling.
18th-Feb-2009 04:18 am (UTC) - Re: Application for Xigbar

Be sure to add the communities and make your post to the taken characters list.
19th-Feb-2009 04:37 pm (UTC)

LiveJournal: shades_of_dawn
Instant Messenger(s): mars_star_light@hotmail.com
Email: duckey.robbinson@gmail.com


Name: Riku
Age: 16 + how long it's been since KH2
Species: Human, Whole Being
Powers/abilities: Keyblade Wielder, Darkness
Personality: Riku in a sense much resembles a coin - having two sides to him. To those he is unfamiliar with, he will present an arrogant, cold, and distant demeanour, meant to keep them at bay should they not be worthy of his trust.
To those that managed to get close, he will still be arrogant for the most part, yet there will be an undeniable sense of compassion and warmth, and rather an awkward sense of humor.
He can probably do whatever he sets his mind on doing, and his determination knows no limits. There will be no better ally - nor a worse enemy.


First Person:
You never know what you've got till it's gone.
Whomever came up with that saying was correct... for the most part.
You know what you have at any given point - The question is how much it means to you. Even when it's gone, you might not give it a second thought, not truly appreciate its absence.
Not really, not until you get it back. At least, I didn't.
The ocean breeze; the sound of the waves; the bright sun; the people I never thought I could care any less for.
It's here though, for real this time. Not some faded, pushed-aside Memory. It's not about to go anywhere - not unless I make it. Not that I'm about to... at least, I don't think so.
Not as long as you two keep smiling at me like that. I'm not going to take it away from you again.
And even if I would - not like you'd let me get away with it. You'd chase me with everything you had and drag me back by the hair if you had to, smiling all along. Isn't that right, Sora? Kairi?
I can't get rid of you two, no matter how hard I try.

Third Person:
Riku sighed as he threw his bag over his shoulder, his free hand running through his hair. He could almost hear his mother berate him for neglecting it again; almost.
It was another long day. Another long, grueling, mundane day of sitting through classes and taking notes and eating lunch and trying to not scream in utter frustration.
Times like this made him envious of Kairi's decorum and self restraints in such situations.
No matter, he concluded as he went past the school gates and made his way down the familiar path towards the shore. Just a short walk away, and a relaxing row, and he'll be in that special place, belonging to no one else but the six of them - at most. There would probably be less people present today, he reckoned, recalling Tidus and Wakka taking off earlier, leaving Selphie to debate whether or not to go along with them or with the rest of their group.
Kairi'd no doubt be there, if only to edge the both of them on. Ah, he certainly could use it. A nice, relaxed afternoon of exchanging teases and blows with the two people nearest and dearest.
The mere thought alone made him feel generous, and it faded not in the least as his best friend since just about birth greeted him on their Island with a furious roar and a wave of his new wooden sword.
Maybe he'll let Sora win this time... maybe.
Then again - Maybe not.
19th-Feb-2009 04:38 pm (UTC)

You know what to do.
21st-Feb-2009 05:37 pm (UTC) - Repliku app 1/2


LiveJournal: dorked

Instant Messenger(s): Mega da Hedgie (AIM) | Mega_zee_Hedgie@hotmail.com (MSN)

Email: See MSN.


Name: Riku Replica

Age: Appears 15, likely only a couple of days at most, depending on how long Chain of Memories spanned.

Species: Human, replica

Powers/abilities: The replica has a firm grasp on darkness and uses it in a number of ways, such as traveling through dark corridors as well as fighting. He can attack with dark firaga, a flame-like substance made of darkness, and dark aura, a slashing move that is insanely powerful. The Dark Mode that he remains in almost constantly also allows him to jump higher than normal and move a bit faster.

Personality: Snarky, stubborn, arrogant, and occasionally obsessive are great ways to describe the Riku Replica. Due to being a clone of Riku, he inherited traits of his personality, but he is often a bit more violent in his behavior, as shown by how he would easily fight Sora just to keep Namine safe, or his inevitable attack on Zexion, and then Riku. Essentially, if someone were to threaten Namine, or others he could potentially care about, he would lash out at them without much thought.

Typically, the Replica uses sarcasm and snark, and he even taunts others. For example, when he and Sora met up in Castle Oblivion, he made an attempt to taunt him with Namine’s good luck charm and also kept on stating how Namine no longer wished to see him. Then, with Riku, he often considered him weak and a coward, due to his supposed “fear” of the darkness, even going so far as to say that he was better than him and claiming that he was just 'new' upon his first defeat.

Though he inevitably learned that his memories were fake, he still held onto his promise, given that, despite having many of Riku’s memories, the promise belonged to himself and nobody else. To that end, he is incredibly dedicated to Namine and his promise. Despite this resolve, however, it’s likely that he still held a bit of bitterness towards his original, which allowed Axel to persuade him into killing Zexion and also led to his attack against Riku himself. This seems to have changed after his defeat, however, for, despite the fact that he was fading away, he remained calm, even giving one last remark towards Riku before he vanished.


21st-Feb-2009 05:37 pm (UTC)

First Person:

So…I guess this means all my memories were fake, huh? The promise, everything…fake. Just like me.

Well…I don’t care! Just because I’m a copy doesn’t change a thing! My promise to Naminé may be fake, but it’s all I’ve got! Besides, even if I look like the Real Thing, there’s one thing that sets up apart…

While he’s afraid of the darkness, I embrace it. I’m stronger than him! All I have to do is prove how strong I am. Just have to beat him into the ground. It doesn’t matter what I look like… I'm still me...

Third Person:

In the end it didn’t matter so much about the darkness, or even who was stronger. It had long since become obvious that such thoughts were hardly relevant. Rather, as the Replica strode through the halls of Castle Oblivion, a twisted smirk lining his visage, his mind was focused on something else entirely.

Thanks to Axel, he had a new goal in mind; rather than being the better Riku, he would be his own person with his own power. In theory, this would cause him to become him stronger, better, and proving that he was more than a mere puppet to be tossed aside when his purpose had been fulfilled. As farfetched as it seemed, the Replica was determined. This much had been apparent from the very moment he had killed Zexion. Now that he had the essence of another being, he would defeat his “Real Thing”. He would be his own person. And best of all, he would keep his promise.

Sure, he’d told Sora and the others that he had well accepted that he was a fake, but so what? He probably just wasn’t thinking straight back then… Axel was right all along, he thought with a satisfied smirk. He’d just use the power from that one Organization member and, with it, defeat Riku without a problem. After all, he had so much more than the darkness now…

However, despite his determination and ideals, it was clear that he underestimated Riku as always. Simply by rushing into things, it was likely that he had sealed his own fate…


Old samples are old. :B I just wanted to reuse 'em.

21st-Feb-2009 05:49 pm (UTC)

Please make your post on the taken characters list.
3rd-Mar-2009 09:11 pm (UTC)


LiveJournal: crystalreport

Instant Messenger(s): none

Email: crystalreport18@yahoo.com


Name: Olette

Age: 15

Species: Human

Powers/abilities: The ability to finish homework? Other than that, none.

Personality: Olette has a tomboy attitude, although she loves to drag her friends to go shopping with her. She has an innate sense of responsibility, and is very attentive, noticing things the guys might miss. (Like the identical munny pouch that Sora has.) Overall, she watches out for her friends and cheers them up with her happy-go-lucky attitude.


First Person:

I really miss summer. Out of all the seasons, it’s really my favorite. All three of us sitting on the clock tower, eating sea salt ice cream…it feels like it was all a distant memory. Funny how time passes so quickly.
Hayner keeps insisting that we should slack off and hang out, but he always has to be reminded that it isn’t the time for doing that. We all have to do our best in school, and I won’t let a simple feeling of laziness get in the way of that.
Oh, I can’t help feeling that I’m forgetting something! Pence says that it’s just me, but I could’ve sworn that someone else was hanging around with us during the summer. I guess he moved away or something. Oh well. Maybe I’ll remember who he was next time I think about it…

Third Person:

Olette opened her bag, and drew out four beautiful bars of sea salt ice cream. They almost seemed to glimmer like jewels in the town’s eternal twilight. Hayner and Pence each were handed one, and they chomped into them with wide grins on their faces.
“Say Olette, why do you have two bars of ice cream? Surely, you’re not hungry enough to eat two?” Pence cocked his head with a questioning stare, and Olette slightly blushed in embarrassment.
“Oh, well, I…” She blinked, staring at the ice cream as if an answer would become apparent to her in the melting bar. She actually didn’t know why she brought four bars. It had seemed logical at the time, but there was only three people including herself, and certainly not four.
“What, Olette, you don’t know how to count?” Hayner peered over with a grin, the popsicle stick poking out of his teeth. Hayner always finished his ice cream first. (Olette often joked that he would become a bar of ice cream if he continued eating the sea salt ice cream that much.)
“No! No, I just…brought it for you. Here ya go.” She handed the extra popsicle to him, and he grabbed it with a shout of glee. They sat quietly, their legs dangling over the edge of the Twilight Clock Tower. But Olette couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong, that there should have been four people…but, she shook the thought out of her mind, thinking vaguely whether they should start their homework after this or not…

3rd-Mar-2009 09:16 pm (UTC)

You know what to do.
11th-Mar-2009 10:06 pm (UTC)


LiveJournal: hakumei_kouu

Instant Messenger(s): AIM: chibirenachan; MSN: chibirenachan[at]hotmail[dot]com

Email: chibirenakun [at] charter [dot] net


Name: Naminé

Age: 15

Species: Nobody

Powers/abilities: Memory manipulation of anyone connected to Sora

Personality: Naminé comes off as a person you would simply past by and pay no heed to, because of her simply appearance and quiet demeanor. Appearance isn't everything and certainly doesn't state her personality in a quick glance. She can be quite rebellious and pessimistic at times. She's frank, knowledgeable, has a strong sense of what's right and wrong, and can come off as an introvert. If threatened, she will sit in her chair and do whatever the bad guys say, even if she believes it's wrong. However, she's nowhere near powerless; she can come off that way sometimes, though. If she's done something wrong and can fix it, she will do everything in her power to set things right again. She rarely smiles, but if she does, it's because of two people: Sora and Roxas.


First Person:

This can't be right. I know it can't be...

I remember that what it was like: everything felt numb to the touch, I mimicked everything she did, what she saw was what I saw, and I wasn't my own person anymore. Is it worse to be empty, to be a Nobody? Or to be part of someone else, your name becoming her name and your face no longer seen behind her's?

I don't know if either are good or bad, but it was the way it's supposed to work: a Nobody joins their Somebody or, eventually, they fade into darkness like all of the others. Is it worse to be a Nobody or be forgotten?

I do know one thing, though.

I'm my own self again. I'm not part of Kairi anymore. How?

Third Person:

She didn't understand how she could feel this. She didn't understand why the other Nobodies walked around, coming off as apathetic and casting indifferent glances down on her when they passed. How could she only sit there, staring down at her palms and feel something? She was, after all, a Nobody. Nobodies weren't supposed to feel anything. Perhaps this was fake; a clever little lie to make her believe that she actually had a heart. Of course she didn't have a heart. There was nothing beating inside of her chest; no way she could ever feel anything at all.

Or was this real? She didn't understand why she wanted to throw her hands over her face as regret sunk into her skin. She felt terrible for the things she did: she toyed with that poor boy's memory! She would stare indifferently down at her drawings, finding no reason to rebel. She would sit alone in that bland, white room, drawing those childish drawings and obeying every command. Staring apathetically at the wall, waiting quietly for her next task.

As the boy climbed higher and higher to the top of the castle, she started to realize her mistake. Her frown curled downwards, her eyes gleamed with regret. But if she tried to escape, someone was guaranteed to catch the petite child. She sat alone, knowing she couldn't escape from her terrible mistake. That is until that red-haired man stepped next to her, pointing to an obvious fact: no one was there; no one was there to stop her. She didn't hesitate to jump out of that stupid chair and push through those pearly white doors at that one chance. Perhaps she wasn't a conventional Nobody, or else she wouldn't have tried to save the boy from her grave mistake.

12th-Mar-2009 07:50 pm (UTC)

Please add yourself to the taken characters list, your inventory will be up soon.
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